Open Burning in the Basalt Fire District

Open Burning is allowed October 1st through May 31st. Download a permit here, or stop by the District Headquarters in El Jebel, Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Basalt & Rural Fire Protection District is to provide emergency and non-emergency services for the protection of life and property in Pitkin and Eagle County, Colorado. The department provides 24-hour emergency response to a wide variety of critical situations, including fires, explosions, hazardous materials incidents, medical emergencies, accidents and miscellaneous public assistance requests. In addition, the department operates active fire prevention and emergency preparedness programs which provides for fire inspections, hazardous process permitting, fire code enforcement, community education and business emergency planning in accordance with Colorado laws.

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Insurance Info

Click here for a map of the Basalt & Rural Fire Protection District.

ISO Ratings

In June 2017, the Basalt Fire Department completed a Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey. Most insurers use the PPC classifications for underwriting and calculating premiums for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Insurance Service Office (ISO) has completed its analysis of the structure fire suppression delivery system provided by the Basalt Fire Department. This has resulted in the following classifications:

  • Class 3: Applies to properties within five (5) road miles or less from Basalt Fire stations 41, 42, and 44 with or without hydrants.
  • Class 9: Applies to properties five (5) road miles or less from any other Basalt Fire station (43).
  • Class 10: Applies to any properties over five (5) road miles from any Basalt Fire station.

Station 41

Address: 20 School Street Basalt, CO 81621. Staffed.


  • 1 75″ Quint, 2000 gpm pump, 500 gallon tank
  • 1 Pumper/Tender, 1000 gpm pump, 2100 gallon tank
  • 1 Pumper, 1250 gpm pump, 720 gallon tank
  • 1 Heavy Rescue, extrication/technical rescue capabilities, 250 gpm pump, 300 gallon tank
  • 1 Type 6 Brush Truck, 150 gpm pump, 300 gallon tank
  • 1 Type 1 4×4 ALS Ambulance

Station 42

Address: 1089 JW Drive Carbondale, CO 81623 (El Jebel). Staffed.


  • 1 Pumper, 1250 gpm pump, 720 gallon tank
  • 1 Pumper/Tender, 1500 gpm pump, 2200 gallon tank
  • 1 Type 3 Brush Truck, 500 gpm pump, 500 gallon tank
  • 1 Type 6 Brush Truck, 150 gpm pump, 300 gallon tank
  • 2 Type 1 4×4 ALS Ambulances
  • 1 6×6 Ranger UTV

Station 43

Address: 24265 Frying Pan Road, Meridith, CO 81642 (Thomasville). Currently not staffed.


  • 1 Pumper, 1000 gpm pump, 1000 gallon tank
  • 1 Type 6 Brush Truck, 250 gpm pump, 300 gallon tank
  • 1 Type 1 4×4 ALS Ambulance
  • 1 6×6 Ranger UTV

Station 44

Address: 1909 Snowmass Creek Road Snowmass, CO 81654. Currently not staffed.


  • 1 Pumper/Tender, 1250 gpm pump, 1500 gallon tank
  • 1 Type 6 Brush Truck, 150 gpm pump, 300 gallon tank

Response Times

Due to the large and often remote nature of our Fire District it is impossible to accurately calculate our response times to a structure fire in outlying areas. Factors affecting response times include season, weather, time of day, road conditions, and availability of responding volunteer personnel. Typically we can have initial personnel and equipment on scene within 30 minutes.

Water Delivery

In 2004 the average initial water delivery to a structure fire was 2000 gallons. In areas that do not have pressurized, gravity fed or storage tank water sources we rely on our fleet of pumper/tenders to deliver an adequate water supply for fire suppression. We also have mutual aid agreements with neighboring fire districts to provide us with water tenders to set up a water shuttle operation.

Hydrant Locations

Most commercial and residential properties along the Highway 82 corridor and adjoining subdivisions are supplied with pressurized hydrants. Outlying subdivisions including Upper Cattle Creek, Sopris Mountain Ranch, Little Elk Creek, Lower Shield O Mesa, and Ruedi Shores have either pressurized, gravity, or storage supplied hydrants. Distances from properties to hydrants can be verified by a site visit by the interested party. The Basalt Fire Department does not have these measurements for every property.

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Wildfire Information

Check out the links below for valuable resources and information regarding wildfire preparedness and education.

Pitkin County Wildfire

Fire Chief's Video

Fire Ban Questions

The fire district is located in both Eagle and Pitkin Counties. The responsibility of initiating or rescinding fire bans falls to the sheriffs of both of these counties. Please direct any questions you may have to the Sheriff’s office in your county. To obtain a burn permit please go here.

Eagle County Sheriff's Office
(970) 328-8500

Pitkin County Sheriff's Office
(970) 920-5300