Open Burning in the Basalt Fire District

Open Burning is allowed October 1st through May 31st. Download a permit here, or stop by the District Headquarters in El Jebel, Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Basalt & Rural Fire Protection District is to provide emergency and non-emergency services for the protection of life and property in Pitkin and Eagle County, Colorado. The department provides 24-hour emergency response to a wide variety of critical situations, including fires, explosions, hazardous materials incidents, medical emergencies, accidents and miscellaneous public assistance requests. In addition, the department operates active fire prevention and emergency preparedness programs which provides for fire inspections, hazardous process permitting, fire code enforcement, community education and business emergency planning in accordance with Colorado laws.

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We are volunteers who have a desire for helping people and we are dedicated to our mission “to provide emergency and non-emergency services for the protection of life and property in Pitkin and Eagle County, Colorado”. The Basalt Fire Department offers a variety of areas in which you can be a part of our team which include Firefighting, EMS, HazMat, Vehicle Extrication, Rescue and more!

There is a job for everyone in the volunteer fire service. You can join as an Entry Firefighter, Driver/Operator, On-Scene Accountability Person, On-Scene Equipment Assistance, Safety Officer, Administrative Support and Auxiliary.


Requirements & Commitment

• Must be at least 18
• Driver’s License Needed
• High School diploma or GED
• Clean driving history
• Clean criminal history
• Complete the 40 hour Basalt Volunteer Academy


As a Basalt FD volunteer your biggest benefit is to wear a cool shirt, drive a big truck and save lives! For our members in good standing we also offer the following:

• Wellness program that gives free physicals to all members in good standing

• Gym membership

• Education assistance for EMT-B & Firefighter I classes

• Retirement benefits

• The opportunities for outside training are abundant, although not required. Our members have attended national and state conferences and have learned valuable skills through training not always available at the local level. Many members have also found that their skills have transferred to their everyday life, and even to potential employment opportunities.

• Most importantly, our volunteer members have found that their service has enriched their lives and the lives of those around them, including all the residents we serve. Your greatest reward will invariably be the thanks and gratitude of your neighbors and friends. Please join us in serving your community.

To find out more about the benefits we offer see our Member Benefits

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application and turn into our District Office (Station 42 in El Jebel), or email to For more information about volunteering with the Basalt & Rural Fire Protection District, please call (970) 704-0675.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions FAQs


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Wildfire Information

Check out the links below for valuable resources and information regarding wildfire preparedness and education.

Pitkin County Wildfire

Fire Chief's Video

Fire Ban Questions

The fire district is located in both Eagle and Pitkin Counties. The responsibility of initiating or rescinding fire bans falls to the sheriffs of both of these counties. Please direct any questions you may have to the Sheriff’s office in your county. To obtain a burn permit please go here.

Eagle County Sheriff's Office
(970) 328-8500

Pitkin County Sheriff's Office
(970) 920-5300